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The last 18 months have wreaked havoc on the workplace and the personal lives of each of us. As someone with eight children, and sadly losing both parents in the last year, I’ve felt this disruption up close and in a very personal way. The COVID-19 pandemic and the public health responses have combined to introduce extreme adversity in our lives. The complete disruption of schools, childcare, healthcare, family, holidays, and taking care of sick and elderly family members has come at psychological cost, whose impacts will be studied for years and likely decades to come.

There has been a…

Honored to be formally joining Verily. The mission to “Make the world’s health data useful so that people enjoy longer and healthier lives” combined with the brilliant and sincere people, became such an inspiration.

Very excited to be joining the board of directors for a favorite company of mine, Discord. Discord has deep roots in connecting the gamer community, but this week announced an even broader expansion to other communities (see new website below), while still being true to their gamer origins. Very impressed with their team and culture.

Take a look and try it out you have not seen/used it. “Don’t be a boomer” as my kids would say!


I am excited to be joining the life sciences and healthcare group at Alphabet, Verily. They are working on some of the most intriguing items in healthcare and helping them build a cyber security center of excellence should be an interesting chapter!

The following is adapted from From Simi Valley to Silicon Valley.

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When a business hits a rough patch, the temptation — or in the case of public companies, pressure from shareholders — to cut “discretionary spending” often runs high. But when those cuts include expenses like employee benefits, you risk carving out the very heart of your company.

If you sacrifice the principles that make your company a fulfilling place to work, your most valued employees will follow shortly after. That’s why business leaders should instead stick to their core values, especially when stress runs high.

In this article, we’ll…

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The following is adapted from From Simi Valley to Silicon Valley.

When you’re leading a company, a strong sense of purpose and value drives more impactful decisions than following the almighty buck. Purpose fuels motivation, inspires effort, and binds teams together. Without a moral compass guiding your work, whether it’s solving world hunger or simply bringing people together, you risk becoming directionless.

When profit-driven companies hit a rough patch and lose their financial edge, their employees will flee the metaphorical sinking ship because they have no other reason to stay.

Let’s take a closer look at why you need more…

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The Rewards of Being Open to Chance: How a Serendipitous Hail Storm Changed My Career Path

The following is adapted from From Simi Valley to Silicon Valley.

Serendipity, the universe’s tendency toward happy accidents, is no joke. In fact, I credit much of my overall career path to the fact that I stayed open to unanticipated detours, and I believe there’s value in you doing the same.

You can try to map out every minute detail of your life, which might get you from Point A to Point B. But, in the process of sticking to a rigidly structured map…

The following is adapted from From Simi Valley to Silicon Valley.

The average manager sees their employees as a list of skills and stats on a resume and reigns over their “subordinates” from above. But the most effective managers — the ones who lead innovative, industry-disrupting teams — aim to serve their employees and lead from the ground level.

Caring about your employees’ job satisfaction and treating them as equals does more than provide a feel-good work environment; it can produce measurable business results because workers are more motivated, loyal, and productive. …

The following is adapted from From Simi Valley to Silicon Valley.

We all want to believe other people will act in good faith, but when it comes to making a business acquisition, you can’t afford to give anyone the benefit of the doubt.

As the purchaser, the onus is on you to read the fine print. What’s the worst that can happen? you might wonder. Frankly, by not understanding exactly what you’re agreeing to, you risk losing your entire business.

I’d like to share my family’s personal story of being burned by fine print and give you tips on how…

The following is adapted from From Simi Valley to Silicon Valley.

“Gaming? What a waste of time!”

At least, that was the popular sentiment during my adolescence. However, as my gaming evolved over the past thirty-five years all the way from playing King’s Quest on my parents’ original IBM PCjr to Atari 2600 to Xbox to PlayStation and Wii to PC gaming and online worlds, I’ve realized there’s more to the hobby than entertainment.

Gaming taught me valuable skills that prepared me for the business world — skills that have helped propel my career from a remote IT guy to…

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